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Two logo designs done for some clubs at my university


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Badddd quality photos of the ornament I made as a gift for my friend’s wedding.

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Canvas painting done with acrylic and watercolors for my aunt~

In other news, I take crap photos lolololol


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My book is complete! I can’t believe how much I actually put into it. It took a while, but it’s definitely an awesome keepsake from my internship, for sure….and paired with the slipcase it combines the two styles I’ve been learning perfectly.

Posted here are some of my favorite pages…although I did post some other awesome bits of the book earlier on, another view of the slipcase, and a couple of photos of the binding.

There’s also more pictures, but I’ve put them under the “read more”…so they’ll only show up if you click to the actual post!

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Aaaannndddd, here’s a fancy video of my book. Nothing TOO exciting, just me flipping it page by page….but at least it’s a way to showcase the entire thing. Although, it’s pretty shit quality in comparison with the photos…but it’s better than nothing haha

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Here’s a little video of a page-by-page view of Tessa’s little notebook I made. It’s so cute~ :)

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Tuesday with Liz was quite productive! First off, I finished up a little souvenir book for my fellow book arts-y friend. I think it came out really nice…I was totally tempted to keep it haha. THE COLORS ARE SO NICE AHHH

I also worked on some logo thing for a dairy company that Liz was working with…some kind of mail art shaped like milk bottles. It was pretty awful though…so no pictures of that…I mean, Liz was happy with it, but I totally wasn’t…but I had to work with what dated programs she has haha. I also finished up some other little giveaway notebooks, because we must’ve missed a couple! We started organizing Liz’s bookmaking kits as well.

Even more exciting…I sewed my book together today! It was kinda tricky, but I got it eventually haha. Now I just have a few more finishing touches to do on the inside, and then IT’S DONE! :D

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The week at Liz’s was pretty good! On Tuesday I worked some more on scanning in and printing pages for the set of funeral books. We also started putting together some small notebooks for a facebook contest.

Today we didn’t do too much. We went to pick up some supplies in the morning, and then Liz’s friend Tracy came over for a while. She also has an art company, called My Canvas. We had coffee and delicious shortbread cookies Liz made really quick.

The most exciting bit is that I worked on my book some more. Here’s some in progress photos of some of the more finished pages~

Besides making an awesome box, I’m in the process of making a book! It’s coming along slowly but surely…I’ve got tons more pages to fill with all sorts of stuff! For now though, here’s a little sneak preview~
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When we got back from Shona’s, Lou and I finished an order of cd cases. I got to use the foiling machine today! It was kinda scary, but it looks REALLY nice.

The most exciting part of the day though? I FINISHED MY BOX. I think it came out really cool, and now I know how to do it so I could totally make more if I really wanted. But then again…who needs tons of boxes haha. This one will be good to store all of my brochures and things I’ve collected though, and now they won’t just be lying around somewhere.

I’VE TOTALLY BEEN NEGLECTING THIS BLOG ahaha. If anyone’s wondering what I’ve been up to in New Zealand….well for one, I made this awesome box! It even has a little touch of hand foiling on it~ :) I think it came out really nice, sooooo success!
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Mother’s Day made for…shocker there….my mom haha


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Our Advanced Printmaking final was to create a cohesive body of work

I created a sort of travelog, showing countries that held meaning to me, as well as the actions/included imagery. The United States serves as my hub/home with the surrounding countries being interests or heritage.

The process consists of linoleum carving and screenprinting


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Screenprinted layers from my Advanced Printmaking final. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the Ireland print’s layers

The finished product can be seen here~


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For our final Graphic Design project, we had to build a robot out of household supplies and the create instructions for it. Here are my finished results

The computer files can be seen here~


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The digital files for my final graphic design project

Here’s the finished project~


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The final printed bookmarks I designed for my university’s literary/art journal. The bookmarks themselves were letterpress printed by my professor


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